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Food Bank


August 8, 2020

Farm to Food Bank: A Food Bank's Network of Locally Produced Food

This study explores the relationship between private food assistance and the local food movement, using a California food bank as a case study. Employing geospatial and network analysis along with interviews, it uncovers the significant influence of local, often organic, donors, yet also finds that even within the local food movement, donations are driven by market forces, not truly offering an 'alternative' to capitalism.

March 6, 2020

Intersecting Inequities for Nonprofit Clients: The case of private food assistance

Amidst a receding welfare state, the private food assistance network has grown. This study, based on interviews and observation at a Northern California food bank, examines how race, gender, class, and ability affect accessibility, revealing four key structural barriers. The findings highlight the need for equity-focused social service programs to mitigate societal inequalities.


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