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Navigating Graduate School as a Public Scholar While Building Supportive Structures and Culture

Alana Haynes Stein, Lizbeth De La Cruz Santana


In this in-person workshop, we will share findings from our research conducted as part of Imagining America’s Leading and Learning Initiative with graduate public scholars at UC Davis. Using this research as a starting point, we will coordinate collaborative thinking on how graduate school can be navigated and reimagined to create an environment where graduate public scholars can thrive.

Our research report goes into depth about UC Davis graduate students’ experiences with public scholarship based on interviews with 31 graduate public scholars and recent UCD alumni. From this, we have outlined how graduate program structures, academic culture, and emotionality impact graduate students’ experiences with public scholarship. 

Through this workshop, we hope to brainstorm how to collectively proceed in shifting the culture and structures of graduate school to better support public scholars. We will host a labeling activity envisioning the public scholar’s toolbox and invite participants to share (if they wish) their own experiences of navigating graduate school as public scholars. We will collaboratively outline a platform for renewing and repairing graduate school structures and culture. Information produced in this platform will be integrated into Imagining America’s ongoing efforts around shifting institutional culture to foster public scholarship.

If you identify as a graduate public scholar, activist, or community-engaged researcher, then this workshop is for you?

Event Info

March 15, 2023 at 12:00 AM
Davis, CA

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